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Marina Shawl / Large Scarf - Pakistani Shawls

The Difference between Pashmina and Marina Shawls

What is the difference between a Marina Shawl and a Pashmina Shawl? Which one to wear in which weather and which outfit. Interesting article.

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Pashmina shawl stylishly knotted around your neck

Pashmina Shawl – How would you like to wear it?

Article on the different ways to wear a Pashmina Shawl / Pashmina Scarf and how to mix and match with various outfits.

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Unique and Unusual Gifts for Men

Unique and Unusual Gifts for Men

While researching gift buying for men, I stumbled upon a site that I think offers unique and unusual gifts for men from a different culture, from the northern province of Pakistan called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Some of their products make perfect gifts. Even though they primarily sell Pakistani clothing for men, many of their products make excellent gift choices for men from any culture. On top of that, their prices are very reasonable. Sometimes every one should buy items from other cultures – breaks the monotony and brings something new and unusual into our lives.

Here is what I think make great gifts for men from the site called http://khyberbazaar.com

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