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The Khamta Sadar has been part of the Pukhtoon male attire for centuries. It is made of cotton, generally available in two or three shades of gray with a simple border of one, two or three stripes.

It’s one of the most versatile pieces of attire and as you can read in the related article, it’s put to many uses.

Elegant shawls for women. Warm and colorful. Enhances your outfit.

Take a look at the handicraft throw quilt. Really elaborate …



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Pakistani Dari - Colorful throw and floor mat


The old floor mat of rural Pakistan has resurfaced as a rug or a throw. It’s bright colors can enliven any place. It also reminds us of our roots.

Pakistani Handicraft - quilt

Quilt throw

What do you do with old wedding dresses and special occasion dresses. Cut them up and restitch them into a masterpiece. Puts those expensive dresses to good use and being labor intensive provides jobs.

Colorful Dari


Khamta Sadar

Peshawari Saplai


Pashmina Shawls

Chitrali Topai

Khyber Bazaar

Sometimes simple is beautiful too. Earthy tones, handmade, inexpensive – yet adorable and practical.
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