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We are an ecommerce company based in Texas, USA trying to bring you apparel and accessories from Pakistan. We have named our business Khyber Bazaar in celebration of a bazaar by the same name in Peshawar Pakistan.

We welcome your suggestions. If you would like us to carry certain type of products, feel free to use the contact form and drop us a suggestion.

Khyber Bazaar was once the premier shopping area of Peshawar. That was some time ago. It has survived though and while the mix of shops, merchandize and shoppers has changed, Khyber Bazaar is still a thriving and vibrant bazaar in good old Peshawar.

Let us share some pictures below about Khyber Bazaar, Peshawar, Pakistan.

Do you have some pictures of Khyber Peshawar to share? Contact us and we’ll be glad to upload them here.

Thank You for visiting.

The Khuday Pa Aman.

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