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Pashmina shawl stylishly knotted around your neck

Pashmina Shawl – How would you like to wear it?

By N.K. Babar

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The pashmina shawl can be worn in many ways depending on your outfit. For a professional yet chic look, tie a pashmina scarf into a front knot which will pair well with high heels and a blazer. Another look would be to tie a knot closer to the neck for a more casual look, paired with a jacket. A European style would be tied very tight on the neck paired with black clothing. A pashmina that can be worn with jeans in a very casual style would be loose around the neck. It gives a relaxed looking style and yet has a very modern, fun look to it. If a woman would want to wear a buttoned down shirt or a sweater, a pashmina tied through a loop would give her a classic look. For a bolder style, try tying it like a man’s necktie -it is a look that not many women try but looks good. For an elegant touch to a dress, try tying the knot on the back of the neck and having the loose pieces hang over your shoulders.

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Pashmina shawl stylishly wrapped around your neck


Another style some women prefer is the pashmina as a head scarf. It keeps your head, neck and ears warm without compressing your hair like a hat.

Many women drape their pashmina shawls around their shoulders for both warmth and elegance. You’ll need the full size pashmina shawl for this warp around style. Some prefer to tie it around their waist like a camarband. You can also warp your pashmina over a bikini like a sarong for a day at the beach.

When choosing a pashmina, take into consideration what type of thickness and fabric it is. If you are going for a silkier outfit to wear, then choose a silkier pashmina so that the fabrics match each other. The same goes for choosing a sweater to wear with a pashmina.

There are definitely many uses and many ways to wear the stylish pashmina. Women should experiment to find what they like best. Pashmina Shawls come in many colors and you can mix and match them with your outfits. Not only do they come in many colors, they come in different thicknesses to go with the different seasons.


Generally, a pashmina is worn by women but some men also like to wear it like a muffler wrapped around their neck.

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