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Versatile dari – use it as a floor mat, a bed spread, prayer mat or a throw.


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Dari or Daraye has been a staple of life in rural and semi-rural Pakistan.


It is made of thick cotton and is very sturdy – exactly the qualities you’ll need for a floor mat, a prayer mat or a bed spread on the coarse charpai (bed) made of wooden posts and woven plant fiber rope called baan or bunray.


Dari is showing up now in urban Pakistan but more as a repurposed decorative piece rather than the utilitarian bed spread or floor mat that it has been for ever. It’s bright colors do liven up a room as a throw, or in a smaller size as artisan artwork framed on the wall. Some use a narrower version as a dining table runner.


Dimensions: Length: 80” x Width: 43”
** This Dari was also featured on the Gift Guide for Gamers

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