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Peshawari Chappal online for sale in USA – Brown Peshawari Chappal


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Handmade Peshawari Chappal or Peshawari Saplai for sale – Brown – Same size works for size 10 to 12 – just adjust the strap.


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Footwear of the Pukhtoons. Some people from other provinces call it Peshawari Chappal but the Pukhtoons call it Saplai.


Saplai or Peshawari Chappal come in two major forms, banday saplai – banday means closed – they are a bit closed in the front and are worn in both summer and winter and kulaway or panjay daaray saplai – kulaway means open – the front of the saplai is open and worn only in summer.


Saplai are made from leather – generally cowhide.


Sizes are large, medium and small. Their design is such that adjustment of the strap takes care of the variation in foot size. Besides, most people have their saplai custom made through local cobblers / artisans. The larger footwear stores in cities carry ready made saplai in several shades of black and brown.


Same size works for size 10 to 12.

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