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The Difference between Pashmina and Marina Shawls

By N.K. Babar

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A pashmina shawl is like a scarf and can be worn in everyday life. They are lighter and more versatile and can be worn through three seasons. A marina shawl is designed for winter. It’s thicker, broader and warmer.

A Pashmina scarf or shawl can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit. Even men are wearing pashmina scarves. A marina is a larger shawl that covers more of the upper body when worn. It can be draped over one shoulder or wrapped around both and letting the rest hang in front of the body loosely. Another way to wear a marina would be to drape it across one shoulder and let it hang down the arm like a sleeve. You can also drape it around both shoulders if it’s cold.

Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina Shawls

Another difference is that some pashmina scarves are lightly embroidered but most of the time left plain. It’s made of very light and fine yarn that does not yield to too much work. A marina on the other hand has greater choices of color, patterns and embroidery. It’s thicker and that opens up greater design possibilities.

While traditionally the pashmina is worn around the head and neck, a marina shawl is generally draped around the shoulders. They both seem to have similarities in regards to the culture, but are different when it comes to how they are worn and what outfits they should be worn with. For example, a pashmina is worn with certain fabrics. If a woman is wearing a silky blouse or dress, she would choose a pashmina that has some silk in it to complement the shimmer in the dress. Marina on the other hand is available as a general fabric to make shawls off of, shirts, blouse and skirts. So you can have a whole outfit made of marina. That opens up a lot of possibilities.

Both pashmina and marina shawls are worn all over the world but they are especially popular in Pakistan and India. Due to the conservative cultures, women like to cover themselves and what is better to cover than a colorful, beautifully embroidered marina or pashmina shawl.

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